A quick blast of liquid nitrogen tightens the cables’ molecular structure and removes transient material that produces harsh highs and muddy lows.

Glendale, AZ (September 12, 2017) -- Thirty years after introducing one of the biggest innovations in the guitar strings market, Dean Markley USA is taking cryogenics to a whole new level with Blue Steel Cables for instruments and speakers. Applying the same Blue Steel Treatment used to make industry-renowned Blue Steel strings, Dean Markley’s engineers have designed high-quality cables with many of the same benefits, including a wider and more dynamic range with smoother, more refined highs and deeper and more articulate bass. Players will immediately notice the super brilliant tone and in the long haul, they’ll benefit from the cables’ ultra-durability. When cold is hot, Blue Steel instrument speakers and cables are positioned to become the next big innovation in the category.

“What I’m hearing from Blue Steel cables is more clarity and more definition on the bottom end.” said GRAMMY Award-winning audio engineer Neil Citron after a head-to-head test with his electric guitar. “In the room, you really feel the difference, and when you feel the difference, you play better. That’s what I think is really important.”

The creation of Blue Steel begins with Dean Markley’s proprietary Cryo-Tech processing – the Blue Steel Treatment, a quick blast of liquid nitrogen that tightens the cables’ molecular structure, removing transient material that produces harsh highs and muddy lows. The result is a tonal quality that’s brighter and more alive across the entire range, with a tight bottom end. An added benefit of the Blue Steel Treatment is that it increases product longevity, which is why Dean Markley is offering a lifetime warranty on all Blue Steel cables.

Jason Aldean Band bassist and Nashville session player and producer, Tully Kennedy adds “These cables are now the only cable I use. They’ve replaced everything I’ve ever used.”

Of course, innovation in design is only as useful as the tonal transparency that translates through performance. Blue Steel cables excel in this area, conducting sound with less hum and ancillary noise and with no distortion. They can be used with both analog and digital gear to produce organic, three-dimensional sound quality. Once players try Blue Steel head-to-head with any other cable, they’ll hear the difference right away.

Blue Steel instrument cables are blue-woven and come in 10-, 20-, and 30-ft. lengths with straight connectors. Right-angle connectors are also available for the 10- and 20-ft. lengths. Blue Steel speaker cables are available in 3- and 6-ft. lengths, and also come in a 3-pack of 6-inch patch cables for pedal boards.

With Dean Markley’s Blue Steel Cables, players can sound their best, play their best and give the audience an experience of a lifetime. Learn more about the Blue Steel treatment and Dean Markley’s full line of products at www.deanmarkley.com.

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Dean Markley USA

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