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Disaster Area Designs Announces the SMARTClock Gen3

Disaster Area Designs Announces the SMARTClock Gen3

The SMARTClock Gen3 is Disaster Area Designs' updated and improved pedalboard clock source.

Raleigh, NC (June 2, 2017) -- The SMARTClock Gen3 is our updated and improved pedalboard clock source. It's designed to connect to tap-tempo pedals and synchronize them to its master clock.

You can accurately set the tempo in beats per minute or milliseconds, assign different tempo subdivisions to each output, and even have the SMARTClock change programs on a MIDI pedal. Once you get everything just right, you can save it to one of 127 presets for later use.

The new SMARTClock Gen3 improves on the previous version with more outputs, more presets, and more power - all for the same price.

The first production run will be shipping in early June.

Advanced Connectivity

The SMARTClock Gen3 features dedicated connectors for interfacing with your MIDI gear, plus two dedicated outputs for your non-MIDI tap tempo gear.

Need more? No problem! We've also incorporated two MultiJack jacks that can serve as tempo outputs, footswitch inputs, or even MIDI outputs!

Custom Finishes for Preorders

We're offering two special finishes for the preorder period: Black Rainbow and Seafoam!

Once we start shipping the first production run, we'll be back to black or white, so now is the time to snag these special units.

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