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DLS Effects Introduces the EchoTour Analog Delay

An feature-packed delay that includes reverb and E-Volume for controlling background echoes.

Rochester, NY (December 7, 2020) -- DLS Effects has introduced the EchoTour analog delay! It features warm vintage delays up to ~ 600ms, plus Slapback, Reverb, Echo Tone controls and more! Echo decays can be set to “get out of the way” of your natural preserved instrument, or set louder than the original creating melodic repeats and musical overtones.

The Echo Tone pot turned CW yields slightly brighter echoes, or CCW for darker echoes, or set reminiscent of tape echoes. DLS designed this product with true bypass, superior capacitors and electronic circuitry, and enhanced voiced analog delay technology!

*Many thanks to Alex Lifeson (Rush) and Brian Craddock (Daughtry) for beta testing and using the EchoTour!


  • Warm vintage delays from 40ms to nearly 600ms, plus Slapback and Reverb!
  • Adjustable Repeats from a single repeat to multiple, self-replicating echoes.
  • E-Volume for subtle background echoes to echoes louder than the original signal.
  • Echo Tone pot for slightly brighter delays, darker style echoes, and tape echo tones
  • The straight instrument is always analog and maintains tone integrity
  • Small footprint measuring 4.4” x 2.4” x 1.06”, and light at only 0.8lbs
  • Operates from 9vdc to 12vdc, 30ma, any polarity jack.

Small, light, and affordable at a street price of $149 makes the EchoTour perfect for the touring musician pedalboard, fly rig, and studio!

Watch the company's video demo:

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