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DLS Effects Unveils the RotoSPIN

DLS Effects Unveils the RotoSPIN

Rotating speaker product offers a blend of doppler, swirl, depth, chew, and grind effects.

Rochester, NY (June 19, 2015) -- DLS Effects audio engineers turned on the afterburners for the RotoSPIN! This ultra real rotating speaker product offers the right blend of Doppler™, Swirl, Depth, Chew and Grind. The RotoSPIN allows the musician to dial in multiple Rotary Speaker cabinet sounds and Mic distances using a Tweeter Intensity, Bass Rotor Level, and switchable Overdrive section!

Unlike others, the RotoSPINkeeps your original instrument tone in tact! Musicians asked for versatility, smaller, lighter, rugged, and lower cost, and DLS Effects delivered!


  • Tweeter Intensity and Bass Rotor Level: sets the horn rotation intensities, depth, Doppler™ amount, cabinet style, and emulated microphone distance.
  • Fast and Slow knobs: sets the fast and slow rotation speeds.
  • Ramp: adjusts the time to change between the Fast and Slow speeds.
  • Switchable Overdrive section: adds grind, edge and OD clipping like the old rotary tube amps.
  • Use OutA (thicker), OUTB (brighter), or both for spacious (((DLS Stereo™)))
  • 9vdc power input using any polarity (USA transformer included)
  • Small size and light weight: 3.7” x 4.7” x 1.7”H, and only weights 1.6 lbs

If you want to cop those guitar rotary speaker sounds used by artists like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Cream, Tesla, SRV, Tom Petty, Danny Gatton, and many more, this effect is for you!

$309 Retail, $259 Street

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