Dophix Introduces the Lussuria

An evolution of the company's Inferno and Paradiso pedals.

Florence, Italy (October 31, 2018) -- Dophix announces the presentation of its overdrive Lussuria, which is an evolution of the overdrive luxury of the Dante's triology together with Inferno distortion and Paradiso overdrive, at NAMM 2018 edition, one of the biggest fairs dedicated to musical products in the world.

Lussuria, lust: the last of the capital sins represented in the seventh frame of Dante’s purgatory. The lustful one lets himself be kidnapped viciously and with excess by the enjoyment of the senses. With this overdrive you can’t resist To the vibrations coming out of your guitar full of saturated signal. Abandon yourself to the pleasure of sound!


  • A very dynamic overdrive with three controls: volume, tone and gain.
  • The effect allows a complete sound selection from clean to crunch up to a soft distortion. The sound produced is conferred with a typical character, thanks to a full level control and tone modulation.
  • Compared to the standard Purgatorio series comes the distortion level is less and optimized on medium-medium-low frequency bands, making it suitable for blues and rock sounds.
  • Input/output Jack from 6.3 mm 1/4 “placed sideways to the pedal.
  • True bypass switch, carbon resistors and high quality components are one of the specific choices made for the standard of our pedals. The components are wanted in a project with electronic devices belonging to vintage series, elements that distinguish a character and a warm and defined sound.

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