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Duesenberg Releases the Alamo Lap Steel

It's equipped with the company's Multibender and the onboard Easy-Shift Capo.

Hannover, Germany (June 26, 2019) -- Duesenberg lapsteel guitars have opened a new chapter in the history of horizontal guitars a few years ago. For the first time there were lapsteels like Duesenberg Pomona 6 and Fairytale on the scene which sport their own unique bender system for pedalsteel-like sounds and a built-in capodaster.

The third lapsteel of the house, the Alamo, has 2019 shown up on the steel guitar horizon. Like its two sisters, it is also equipped with the ingenious Multibender and the onboard Easy-Shift Capo. Its elegant body is made out of Korina, finished in a stunning Ebony, and the scale length is a long 648 mm. Together with the Duesenberg VintageTrouble pickups, classic Alnico single coils in neoclassical so-called Phonico covers, these specifications create a unique lapsteel sound. If desired, the Alamo can be crisp to biting, but also cool and elegant, thus providing a clear counterpoint to the more full-bodied sounding Pomona 6 and the Blues-to-Rock orientation of the Fairytale.

The Duesenberg Alamo is available in all Duesenberg stores and comes with the sturdy Duesenberg Custom Line Case.

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