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Dwarfcraft Devices Releases the Super Wizard

A behemoth of pitch shifting, glitching, and lo-fi echo delights.

Eau Claire, WI (March 10, 2017) -- Picking up where the Wizard of Pitch left off, the Super Wizard is a behemoth of pitch shifting, glitching, and lo-fi echo delights. While the pedal is perfectly useful for traditional pitch shifting and echo effects, it is much more at home creating new sounds for adventurous musicians.


  • Speed knob adjusts the speed at which your wet/shifted and dry signals are crossfaded
  • Pitch knob allows you to tune the pitch shifted signal, from -1 to +1 octave
  • Mix knob allows you to manually blend the wet and dry signal when the Speed is set to off
  • Added foot switch for the “Bend” control engages a doppler type effect, in addition to the Bender toggle that is still available
  • DinDinDin switch suspends recording into the input buffer, leaving the current sample to repeat until the button is released
  • Standard echo controls include Delay, Mix, and Feedback
  • Mutate toggle throws the pitch shifted signal into the feedback loop of the delay
  • Insert jack to insert other effects into the delay feedback loop

The Super Wizard will retail for $300 and is ready to ship April 15. For more information, check out website link

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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