Electroplex Amplifiers unveiled the 6V6-powered Rocket 42 at the Guitar Pedal Expo LA 2013 in Van Nuys, CA.

Van Nuys, CA (April 9, 2013) -- Electroplex Amplifiers unveiled the 6V6-powered Rocket 42 at the Guitar Pedal Expo LA 2013 in Van Nuys, CA. The Rocket 42 takes the signature sound of the classic 6V6 power tube to a new level power and performance.

Ever since the era of Fender Tweeds and Gibson “Two-Tones” guitarists have adored the woody warmth and crisp chime of the diminutive small-bottle 6V6. However, traditional push-pull amps at the time used just one pair of 6V6s, generating between 18 and 25 watts. For higher powered amps most manufacturers used the larger 6L6GC tubes which sounded good as well, only different. So with the rush for more power gaining momentum in the 60’s the 6V6 tube, and its unique tone, were largely left behind, until now!

With a quartet of 6V6 power tubes the Rocket 42 provides a stout 42 watts with the punch and authority to rival any 50-watt amp using 6L6s or EL34s. At the same time the glorious character and tone of 6V6s are back, now supported on a bedrock of power few guitarists have experienced from 6V6s. As a result the Rocket 42 provides players a new, yet classically familiar playing experience.

The Rocket 42 boasts all of the features of its elder Rocket siblings, including the new Mark II voicing for punchier, more-aggressive lead tones. Also included is the Electroplex “Low-Power Mode” circuit for operation at 25 watts, providing enhanced output compression for a response you have to feel to believe!

The Rocket 42 is available now in combo and head/cab configurations, with a wide variety of color options and speaker choices.

Rocket 42 Head: $2,279.95
Rocket 42 Combos start at $2,469.95

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