Eminence Speakers Introduces Eric Johnson, Tomo Fujita, and George Alessandro Signature Models

Through a reformulated paper cone and optimized basket design, the 40-watt EJ-1240 offers vintage Alnico tone.

Eminence, KY (January 16, 2015) -- Anyone who knows Eric Johnson knows he makes no compromises when it comes to guitar tone and the gear he uses to achieve it. The original EJ-1250 was designed to offer a truly vintage sounding speaker using modern, readily available components. Not one to rest on his laurels, Eric set his sights next on how to make it more versatile and more affordable for the end user.

As Eric put it, “The new design concentrates on achieving a balanced EQ spectrum so that this speaker will sound good for clean tones, as well as semi-distorted and full for high gain lead tones.”

Through a reformulated paper cone and optimized basket design, the 40 watt EJ-1240 offers vintage Alnico tone with tight/punchy lows, nice lower-mid growl, crisp upper-mids, and very controlled, articulate, and open highs, and is available in both 8 and 16 ohm.

“If you would have asked me a year ago if the Eric Johnson Signature model could be improved upon, I would have said it’s impossible.” said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist. “I’m always impressed with Eric’s drive for perfection, and together with George Alessandro we kept tweaking the design until we all felt we had arrived at something truly incredible.”

MAP: $249.99

Eminence has teamed up with long time Eminence endorsing artist Tomo Fujita to create a unique 12” guitar speaker with vintage American tone: the TF-1250.

A touch sensitive, bright and chimey vintage American tone with tight, punchy lows and nice, even mids. The 30 oz. ceramic magnet provides lower efficiency, which allows you to find the amp’s sweet spot at lower volumes.

“I feel lucky to have worked with Eminence since 2002, and my signature speaker is very special for me to achieve great quality vintage tone using modern technology.” said Fujita. “This speaker can show all of your musical finger noise, your emotion and all. And it’s affordable, anywhere, anytime.”

MAP: $99.99

Following the successful collaborative effort on the 12” GA-SC64 introduced in 2014, Eminence and George Alessandro have teamed up once again to develop a 10” version with vintage sounds circa 1964, the GA10-SC64.

This unique 8 ohm 20 watt speaker features a 15 oz. ceramic magnet, full paper cone and felt dust cap, which combine to offer a very balanced tone with dynamic character: Tight, punchy tone with nice warmth, richness, and sparkling highs.

“The early 1960’s was a time when things were simpler. Studios were recording with one or two analog tape tracks. Stereo records were high tech, and hum canceling pickups were still awaiting a patent.” said George Alessandro, President, Alessandro High-End Products. “The warm, full character of the GA10-SC64 brings you back to those days when used in vintage amps. I’ve been using this design in the Alessandro products and artist’s vintage amps for the past decade and I’m glad it’s now available to the public."

MAP: $74.99

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I don’t know what’s going on lately, but I’m breaking down all over and my shoulder is the latest to crumble. When I was a kid I would practice guitar in my bedroom near a radiator with an ungrounded amp plug and I’d get a zap right through my guitar and into my hands. Well, my shoulder pain is like that now, only without the cool story of rock ’n’ roll survival. I simply woke up one day like this. After a few weeks of discomfort, I figured I’d try out a new pillow, since mine are flattened like a wafer. I ventured out to the mall and, much to my sadness, saw the local Sears store shuttered, with weeds growing up from the sidewalks and concrete barriers blocking the large glass doors. I know I don’t get out much, but, man, was I sad to see the Sears store I’d known since childhood closed-up like that. My wife was laughing at me because apparently it had been closed for some time. But since I seem to exist on a separate timeline than most folks, it was all news to me.

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