Epiphone Instruments announced today the release of the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. TV Pelham Blue Collection featuring six of Epiphone’s most popular classics in a beautiful TV Pelham Blue color finish.

Nashville, TN (April 5, 2013) -- Epiphone Instruments announced today the release of the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. TV Pelham Blue Collection featuring six of Epiphone’s most popular classics in a beautiful TV Pelham Blue color finish.

The Ltd. Ed. TV Pelham Blue Collection includes the world famous Les Paul Custom PRO with ProBucker pickups and coil tapping, the SG Custom w/Maestro vibrato and Alnico Classic humbuckers, the historic Epiphone ES-355, the ES-339 PRO with Alnico Classic humbuckers and coil tapping, the Firebird Studio, and the rock and roll favorite EB-3 bass. All six of these Epiphone classics will be issued in limited quantities.

“Today’s Epiphone fans are both connoisseurs of guitars as well as players,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. “The TV Pelham Blue collection is the perfect combination of vintage class with a modern touch. These are superb instruments that can hold their own against many of the finest vintage models.”

The TV Pelham Blue Collection was designed for the passionate player.

The Ltd. Ed. TV Pelham Blue Les Paul Custom PRO features a traditional mahogany Les Paul body with a mahogany veneer top. The 24.75” scale 1960's SlimTaper profile neck is glued to the body using a mortise and tenon neck joint. The LP Custom PRO is powered by Epi’s custom-wound Epiphone Pro-Bucker humbucker pickups with coil-tapping for each pickup via push-pull controls along with Grover RotomaticTM 18:1 ratio machine heads and a LockTone tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece.

The Ltd. Ed. TV Pelham Blue SG Custom w/Maestro has the historic, one-of-a-kind SG profile that’s been a rock and roll favorite since 1961. The SG Custom comes with a re-designed Maestro™ vibrato that looks and functions exactly like the original but with greater tone and accuracy. It also features Epiphone’s in-house designed Alnico Classic humbuckers, which are based on superb examples of 50’s era pickups from Epiphone’s vintage collection. The 1960's SlimTaper profile neck has a rosewood fingerboard with pearloid block inlays and Grover Rotomatic machine heads for reliable tuning accuracy.

The star of the TV Pelham Blue Collection might be the Ltd. Ed. ES-355, which many collectors consider one of the finest vintage models ever made. First introduced in 1958, the TV Pelham Blue ES-355 includes all the great features found in the original including a laminated maple body cut to the historic specs, a mahogany 1960s SlimTaper neck, pearloid block inlays, Grover 18:1 ratio machine heads, and Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers along with a Bigsby vibrato and a LockTone bridge.

For a totally new design, the TV Pelham Blue Collection features the Ltd. Ed ES-339 PRO, with Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers with push-pull coil tapping, black Top Hat controls with silver inserts, a LockTone tune-o-matic bridge, Wilkinson Deluxe 14:1 ratio machine heads, and Epiphone’s heavy-duty 1/4” non-rotating jack plate.

The Ltd. Ed. Firebird Studio puts the rare TV Pelham Blue color finish on one of the most iconic rock guitars ever made. The no-frills Ltd. Ed. Firebird Studio features a mahogany body and neck with the classic Firebird reverse headstock profile and 6-on-a-side Steinberger 40:1 ratio direct-drive Gearless machine heads. The Firebird is powered by Epiphone’s own Alnico Classic Plus humbuckers.

And for bass fans, the TV Pelham Blue Collection features the Ltd. Ed. EB-3 bass, one of the most popular bass designs in the history of rock and roll. The EB-3 has a mahogany body and neck with a 1960s SlimTaper profile and a Sloped Dovewing neck with a vintage style Epiphone logo in pearloid. At the heart of the EB-3 is an Epiphone Mini Bass humbucker and an Epiphone Sidewinder™ Bass humbucker with a 3-position rotary pickup selector.

The Epiphone TV Pelham Blue Collection will be available June 2013.

The MSRP for the TV Pelham Blue Collection is as follows: Ltd. Ed. Les Paul Custom PRO: $915; Ltd. Ed. SG Custom w/Maestro: $748; Ltd. Ed. ES-355: $1,165; Ltd. Ed. ES-339 PRO: $665; Ltd. Ed. Firebird Studio: $665; Ltd. Ed. EB-3 Bass: $499.

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