Epiphone Releases the Slash AFD Les Paul Performance Pack

The Slash AFD Performance Pack includes a Slash-designed Les Paul Special-II in classic Appetite Amber finish with a premium gig bag.

Nashville, TN (August 1, 2014) -- Epiphone is proud to present two new Les Paul packages endorsed and promoted by Slash himself – the AFD (Appetite for Destruction) Les Paul Performance Pack and the Slash AFD LP Special-II Guitar Outfit.

The Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Performance Pack is the premium combination for guitar players featuring an incredible all-inclusive, all-pro package for beginners and experts alike. The Slash AFD Performance Pack includes a Slash-designed Les Paul Special-II in classic Appetite Amber finish with a premium gig bag, plus a 15-watt Slash Snakepit amp with 2-channels and a full EQ section with headphone output, custom Slash signature picks, and free online lessons from eMedia. The Slash AFD LP-Special Guitar Outfit includes the same Slash-designed Les Paul Special II in Appetite Amber plus a premium gigbag, picks and eMedia guitar lessons.

It doesn’t get more rock 'n' roll than Slash – the legendary rock star has a long history as one of Epiphone’s premier signature artists and now, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist has made it possible to for guitar players to own Appetite for Destruction wherever they are!

“In many ways, Slash is the ultimate Les Paul player and it is always an honor working with Slash because just like Epiphone, he wants to give everyone a chance to play a professional instrument,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. “Slash helped design the Les Paul Special-II for our new Performance Pack and Guitar Outfit along with the Snakepit amplifier and we are already hearing from pros out there who want this guitar!”

Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II: Appetite for Rock!
Slash himself helped design the Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II with an Appetite Amber finish, which was inspired by his own custom Les Paul he uses on stage. The Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II features Epiphone’s new Ceramic Plus Zebra Coil humbucker pickup which is hotter than typical humbuckers and perfect for hard rock and metal. Additionally, the Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II comes with a Shadow E-Tuner built directly on the bridge pickup mounting ring so players no longer need to keep their tuner clipped on their headstock or remember it on the way to a gig.

Slash Snakepit-15 Amp
The AFD Performance Pack also includes the new “Slash-approved” Snakepit-15 amp–a small, low-watt amplifier that gives players a focused and razor sharp tone. Slash’s custom designed Snakepit-15 15-watt amp features an 8" Electar G8 Classic-25 4-ohm speaker in an open-back cabinet that delivers terrific midrange crunch as well as clean chimey tones due to its two uniquely voiced channels and a full EQ section featuring controls for Treble, Middle, and Bass.

Both the Slash AFD Performance Pack and Slash AFD Les Paul Outfit include a premium gigbag with Slash’s Snakepit logo in white, three Dunlop Tortex Slash signature picks in three colors (white, black and purple), a guitar strap and free online lessons from eMedia. The Slash AFD Performance Pack also includes an Epiphone 1/4" standard guitar cable to go with the Snakepit-15 amp.

Like all Epiphone instruments regardless of price, the Slash AFD Performance Pack and LP-Special II Guitar Outfit both come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson’s famous 24/7/365 customer service. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today and take home a bit of rock history with the Slash AFD Performance Pack and the LP-Special II Guitar Outfit, only from Epiphone!

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