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Eureka Sound Releases Baitar and Buitar Models

Eureka Sound Releases Baitar and Buitar Models

The second generation models combine guitar and bass elements into a 25 1/2" scale length.

Pittsburgh, PA (April 8, 2014) -- EurekaSound LLC is proud to announce the release of the Baitar OMB2 and Buitar OMB1. This release represents the second generation of the novel instruments, a combination bass and guitar that plays like a standard 25.5" scale 6-string guitar.


Several updates have been integrated into these second generation instruments based upon user feedback from the first generation models, including:

  • Alder wood bodies, finished with a thinner coat of urethane for more wood tone & feel
  • A new thinner neck profile
  • Redesigned headstock so the strings have a straight pull over the nut
  • Optimized pickup configuration for better sound and adjustability
  • A new customized bridge
  • New 3D printed nut and vertical adjustment mechanism for the pickups
  • A new lower price of $1,499 USD

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