Farm Pedals Introduces the Fly Agaric Phaser

A vintage-style, four-stage phaser with two independent LFOs.

Casco, ME (July 12, 2019) -- After a couple of soft-release versions of the Fly Agaric Phaser, Farm Pedals is thrilled to properly release this dual LFO phaser.

A vintage, vibe voiced, four-stage phaser with two independent LFOs. The heart of the Fly Agaric is those two independent speed controls. These individual controls, matched with a direction altering footswitch, allow for a wide range of textural cross-phasing.

The Fly Agaric Phaser can be used to achieve classic phaser sounds or swirling vibe-like sonic landscapes.


  • Twin Speed Controls
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Industry Standard 9 volt Center Negative Jacks
  • Each Enclosure Graphic Set is Hand Stamped and Finished
  • Rugged Powder Coat

MSRP: $185.00

For more information:
Farm Pedals

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