FU-Tone Announces New Exotic Wood Guitar Picks

The new line includes over 20 different kinds of wood.

Washington Crossing, PA (April 28, 2020) -- FU-Tone.com launches new line of exotic wood guitar picks.

In an effort to continue development of products that improve tonal options for guitarists, FU-Tone has developed 20 new exotic wood guitar picks. Different types of woods produce different tonal responses. Choose from: Ebony, Mango, Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Purple Heart, Steembeech, Dark Steembeech, Haldina, Coconut, Bamboo, Curly Maple, Bakan, Acacia, Blackberry, Teak, American Maple, Padok, Jackwood, Tamariad, or Oak.

Founder and President of FU-Tone.com, Adam Reiver said of them, “Having so many tonal options while playing your acoustic guitar is incredible! You will never play acoustic guitar with a plastic pick again.”

List Price: $19.95

Street Price: $14.95

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