Last weekend’s New York Amp Show was chock full of beautiful boutique amps—plus more than a few hot guitars, pedals, and accessories. Our photo gallery spotlights 41 of the coolest things we ran across, with specs!

"The Blackface Drive is Hermida Audioуs spin on an overdrive derived from the Fender blackface family. The controls include Volume, Gain, Tone, and Voice. The idea behind this pedal is to provide a player with some overdriven overtones while still allowing the natural sound of the guitar to come through."
Daniela Villarreal on Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole" | Hooked

The Warning's guitarist remembers first being mesmerized by Matt Bellamy's captivating performances and then empowered to front her own power trio.

Master builder Dennis Galuszka recreates the legendary "Chicago" guitarist's legacy with a collectible, limited run guitar.

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