See even more of PG''s pedalboards!

"Terry Gann from Kansas City has an intricately rigged pedalboard with handles on both ends that was built to fit a 61-key synth road case. He covered the top of the board entirely in Velcro. The modular system uses various wood block рpedestalsс with Velcro on both sides to build рstair stepsс to adjust a pedalуs height. Gann used L brackets from Home Depot to make hollow squares that are held down with a single screw. рThese are used like the wood blocks in locations where a cable needs to pass directly underneath a pedal,с he says. Gannуs pedal signal path is as intense as his boardуs design: Ernie Ball volume pedal, TC Electronics PolyTune, BBE Ben Wah, Source Audio Programmable EQ, Barber Tone Press Compressor, Modtone Fuzz, Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion, Barber Dirty Bomb, Hermeda Audio Tiki Drive, enter CheeseBlocks true-bypass switcher, Micro Pod, Ibanez Flanger, Way Huge Pork Loin and Lovepedal Gen5 echo, Ibanez Tubescreamer, DLS Versa Vibe, Cusack Tap-a-Whirl, DigiTech TimeBender. The Nose+ located in bottom left corner controls Versa Vibe speed and TimeBender parameters. Exiting the bypass switcher to the Visual Sound Liquid Chorus, Hardwire RV-7 Reverb and out to a Mesa/Boogie Nomad (Nomad footswitch also on pedalboard)."