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1967 Gibson ES-335, Burgundy Metallic

1967 Gibson ES-335, Burgundy Metallic

A 100% original 1967 block-inlay ES-335 in a rare color: Burgundy Metallic

There was a lot of experimentation going on at the Gibson Guitar Corporation during the 1950s, which resulted in the creation of some of the most iconic guitars known to man. One of them was the venerable—and versatile—ES-335. This instant classic combined the warm, mellow tones of a hollowbody with the rich, full growl of a solidbody. Over the years, it has been played by such legendary players as Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton, Alex Lifeson, Larry Carlton and Dave Grohl.

This one is a rare find: a 1967 model with block inlays in Burgundy Metallic. Gibson only produced this color from 1966 to 1968, and except for the Grover tuners, this one’s 100% original. Everything from the trapeze tailpiece to the humbuckers and the case are just as they were in ’67.

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