Dunlop MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal Review

The MC-404 collaboration between Dunlop and Custom Audio Electronics is a versatile step forward for Wahs

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Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Crybaby design team have joined forces to create a high quality, highly versatile wah pedal. The MC-404 CAE Wah pedal features dual Fasel inductors. One voice emphasizes high-end while the other voice features low to mid resonance. A built-in MXR MC-401 Boost/LineDriver gives you an extra kick in your tone if you need one. Other top-grade components include true bypass, a custom designed CTS extended life low noise potentiometer and internal pots to adjust “Q” and gain.

Two switches on the pedal help control and change the wah tone. One switch lets you choose between the two distinct wah voices, either “Yellow Fasel” (Deep wah tone) or “Red Fasel”(Classic Cry Baby tone). The other switch simply turns the MXR boost on and off. There’s no guessing game in knowing what switches are on or off, since bright LED’s on each side of the Wah indicate your operation status. Also, your foot easily controls the small kickswitches on either side of the pedal, as well as the Boost volume control, so there’s no bending over to adjust anything!

I own two Dunlop Wah pedals already – The Original CryBaby GCB-95 and CryBaby 535. I thought the 535 was a major improvement over the GCB-95 with the added feature of a Wah range selector. Dunlop takes another big step forward with the MC-404 CAE, with more features and added versatility. The difference in tone between the Yellow and Red Fasel Inductors is very distinct, and it’s nice to have a choice between the two depending on your playing style. I particularly like the Yellow Fasel – it’s a deep, warm tone that really emphasizes the low and mid resonance.

The MC-404 CAE sounds great and looks great as well. The black pedal is accented by a white Custom Audio Electronics logo on both the treadle and front of the pedal, as well as a white rubber border on the bottom casing. Another nice feature is the battery compartment on the underside of the pedal. You simply lift off the cover to quickly access the 9-volt battery, instead of having to unscrew four rubber feet to remove the back panel of the pedal.

With so many different wah pedals on the market today, it can be mind-boggling to choose which model best suits your needs. The MC-404 CAE Wah has plenty of features and versatility to satisfy any player’s wants or needs in a wah pedal.
Buy if...
You'd like a versatile wah pedal with distinct features and tones.
Skip if...
You'd rather have a simple wah pedal and added features scare you.

List Price $298.68 Street Price $169.99 - Custom Audio Electronics -

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