From EVH to Auerbach, Joe Perry, and Vai—37 Boards You''ll Drool Over.

Creed's Mark Tremonti
For Creed gigs, Tremonti uses a Voodoo Lab Ground Control for amp switching and controlling the effects in his rack (an Ibanez TS808 Hand Wired Tube Screamer, T-Rex Mark Tremonti Phaser, and T-Rex Replica Delay), Dunlop Uni-Vibe, Morley Signature Wah, and EHX Micro Pog that was used mainly on last Alter Bridge tour but he kicks in for fun during Creed shows. The board is powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus. "

A father-and-son team work together to create an original, futuristic gold guitar, and the result is extremely satisfying.

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While Monolord has no shortage of the dark and heavy, guitarist and vocalist Thomas V Jäger comes at it from a perspective more common to pop songsmiths.

Photo by Chad Kelco

Melodies, hooks, clean tones, and no guitar solos. Are we sure this Elliott Smith fan fronts a doom-metal band? (We’re sure!)

Legend has it the name Monolord refers to a friend of the band with the same moniker who lost hearing in his left ear, and later said it didn’t matter if the band recorded anything in stereo, because he could not hear it anyway. It’s a funny, though slightly tragic, bit of backstory, but that handle is befitting in yet another, perhaps even more profound, way. Doom and stoner metal are arguably the torch-bearing subgenres for hard rock guitar players, and if any band seems to hold the keys to the castle at this moment, it’s Monolord.

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