A look at pedalboards used onstage by Deftones, Alice in Chains, Dave Matthews Band, 311, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, and many more

"When Warren Haynes toured with Govуt Mule summer 2010, he used a Custom Audio Electronics rack with a Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger (not pictured) to boost his Firebirds, Klon Centaur, Emma DiscumBOBulator, Boss OC-2 Octaver, and Hughes & Kettner Roto-Sphere (not pictured). He uses a Custom Audio Electronics Super Tremolo (not pictured) as well. On the floor (not pictured) is a Custom Audio Electronics switcher, standard Cry Baby wah (run with 20 feet of cable in and out to eliminate some high end), Ernie Ball Volume pedal, and a midrange boost and bass cut for his Diaz amp. He uses a Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner."

photos by Chris Kies