PG dives into gear details with Phoenix, Warpaint, Third Eye Blind, Moon Taxi, the Shins, and others playing the massive Atlanta festival.

Dr. Dog’s Frank McElroy

For “Shadow People,” Frank grabbed his girl “Lucille” and had his last dance. We’ll let him explain: “At Shaky Knees I played a Gibson ES-335. I call her “Lucille.” It's just a name I made up. She's a semi-hollow which people say fits. Got her brand new eight years ago and loved her ever since, won't even stay at a Sheraton anymore. But sadly, her days are numbered. Storm clouds above Olympic Park were dissipating. The Waffle House was settling. Gig was looking good until guitar tech T. Beach approached me looking grave. In the shadow of the CNN building he delivered the breaking news... He talked a lot, I listened a little. Don't remember much. Something about a truss rod that can't be trusted. Something about being wound too tight. Said it cost more to fix than get a new one. Now that I think of it, was Mr. Beach referring to the guitar or myself? Either way, farewell Lucille, you were a true original.”