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Ear to the Ground: Comet Control’s “Blast Magic” and “Future Forever”

More shoegaze than space-rock, this Canadian outfit blends pedalboard mayhem with eye-of-the-storm vocals to create tunes that are catchy and heady.

What sets Toronto psych-rockers Comet Control apart from most longhairs playing through refrigerator-sized amps is their knack for writing well-crafted songs robust with catchy hooks and memorable melodies. Born from the ashes of Canadian space-rock heavies Quest for Fire, Comet Control is less Hawkwind and more Swervedriver.

“Blast Magic,” the opening song from their 2014 self-titled debut, lives up to its name with more than eight minutes of guitars so crazily cranked they’re like an exaggerated version of Swervies’ frontman Adam Franklin’s blaring Vox-and-Matchless rig. Singer/guitarist Chad Ross’ wispy vocals seem to share the same DNA as American shoegazers like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Brian Jonestown Massacre, and when his squealing solos tangle with co-guitarist Andrew Moszynski’s explosive fusillades it’s as glorious as a couple of Ghostbusters crossing the streams of their proton packs.

Meanwhile, the punchy riffs on “Future Forever” pull you into a sonic jet engine as Ross exhales trace elements of the same psychedelia that made Quest for Fire so easy on the ears.