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Rig Rundown: All Souls' Antonio Aguilar

Strats with presto-chango pickguards power folk and flamenco flourishes mingled with kerranging rock and Melvins-esque metal.

Like many Strat fans, Antonio’s attraction to the instrument can be traced to discovering Jimi Hendrix. And he’s always appreciated how similar the feel of a Strat’s neck is to his flamenco guitars. 

 So, while he spent most of his time in Totimoshi on a Les Paul (look for it in a couple slides), with All Souls he’s been primarily a Strat guy. Above is his 2019 Fender American Ultra Stratocaster, and it’s become a favorite because of the Ultra Noiseless Vintage single-coils with the added S1 switch. He enjoys how their tone complements Erik Trammell’s humbucker-loaded SGs.

For All Souls, he tunes to D standard (D-G-C-F-A-D), uses Ernie Ball Slinky .009–.042 strings, and strums with Dunlop Herco Flex 50 Medium picks.

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