The English rock band travels heavy with Fender solidbodies and Gretsch semi-hollows while proving that pedal swaps make a group closer.

Originally a DeVille man, Marsden got hip to the Fender Vibro-Kings, which he uses exclusively onstage, from friend Ed O’Brien of Radiohead. He says the stacks of Vibro-Kings are the closest to a mini Marshall stack that he feels comfortable playing because they still retain the California surf vibe and project a robust clean sound. The combos are loaded with three 10" Jensen speakers and the extension cabs have two 12" models.


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Why Fender + Fender (or other brands) = more than the sum of their own signature sounds.

This column is not for the faint of back, but the rewards of such potentially heavy lifting are great. In my previous columns "Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate: Classic Guitar & Fender-Amp Pairings" (May 2020) and "Finding Perfect Tones in Imperfect Amps" (January 2021), I've discussed classic Fender amp and guitar pairings and how to EQ and tweak amps to get ideal tones. Let's take it a step further and discuss how to combine multiple amps to achieve even more complex, richer tones.

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