The Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk riffer reveals how working as a setup tech for Gibson informed the design of his signature aluminum axes from Electrical Guitar Company.

During The Jesus Lizard’s zenith, you saw Denison shadowed by a Hiwatt DR103 stack. (In the Rundown, he recalls buying two DR103s and a 4x12 with original Fane speakers for under a grand.) Various injuries and the cumbersome duty of lugging one’s gear directed him to trying combos. A few years back he was approached by Blackstar to try their stuff and he landed on the HT Stage 60 using EL34 power tubes and a pair of Celestion Seventy 80 speakers. With Tomahawk and The Jesus Lizard, Denison is known for his brash, stinging, shrill tone and the amp’s controls reflect that (and the aluminum guitars) with the presence, treble, and bass pushed, while the mids are dialed back.

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