How “Hot for Teacher,” a homemade mic, and a B.B. King-inspired signature axe factor into a repertoire that mixes Queens of the Stone Age sizzle with modern pop hooks.

Everything on this board centers around the Fulltone OCD. All the other effects either hit or boost the OCD or affect its core tone with modulation. And for those pedal purists keeping score at home, she’s using the V2 model that was painted black with white lettering and sold through Chicago Music Exchange. It has a new output buffer and class-A input section for increased dynamics. At one time she had two stacked OCDs, but she’s since swapped out one for the Fulltone 2B Boost because the dynamics knob has a germanium diode limiter allowing her to tailor her sound to the idiosyncrasies of each room or venue. Before the OCD and 2B is an EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle that adds a nasty octave to the Fulltone filth. The TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up adds an octave and the Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker incorporates a stereo effect. All those pedals are controlled by the Flex Reaction Compound 55 Switcher. Outside the looper and next in line are two always-on pedals—the MXR 6-Band EQ and a Klon KTR. The last two stomps are the Boss DD-500 Digital Delay and a Strymon Flint. All her guitars are kept in line with a TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini.

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