A surprisingly modern setup for one of post-punk’s founding fathers.

Andy Gill, founding member of Gang of Four, talked gear with PG’s John Bohlinger while in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge. Gill is known for his hard hitting, jagged guitar riffs that helped to shape post-punk in late-’70s England. Not one to remain locked in the past, Gill’s rig and approach to live and recorded guitar has evolved into something decidedly modern.

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Andy Gill's Gear

Photo by cottonbro



  • Demonstrate a variety of drone guitar techniques and approaches.
  • Examine drone points of reference from an array of genres.
  • Learn how to use standard, drop D, and uncommon alternate tunings in drone contexts.

Playing a melody or solo with a “drone” means playing over just one note or, in some instances, one chord. Besides playing without any harmonic accompaniment, it is about as simple a concept as one can image, which also means the possibilities are endless. We’ll look at ways to use drones in a variety of contexts, from ancient to contemporary, blues to metal, traditional to experimental.

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See a sampling of picks used by famous guitarists over the years.

Marty Stuart

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The latest in EHX's 9 Series is designed to turn guitar tone into a string ensemble synthesizer.

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