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Rig Rundown: Gear Gods' Trey Xavier

This YouTuber gives the 411 on headless hellraisers, his favorite amp of all time, and the small rack that houses his band's entire live rig.

Gear Gods Rig Rundown3

For some low-tuned, neck-break chugging, Trey has this 8-string Skervesen SkerveTEN 8. While it is a handful to hold in his fretting hand, it has a multi-scale, fan-fret neck (28"–26.5") to enhance ergonomics. Like the TL70, it has a swamp ash body, but it is equipped with a set of Bare Knuckle ’buckers—a Juggernaut in the bridge and Emerald in the neck. (If you’re a fan of drop-tuned guitars and Led Zeppelin then you gotta check out the video Trey made featuring this custom Skervesen 8-string where he tunes down a full octave.)

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