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Rig Rundown: Guns N' Roses

The gear of Slash, Duff McKagan, and Richard Fortus finally revealed.

Three amps amps are set for clean sound, (KT88 output tubes and a 12AX7 in the phase-inverter position). One amp, featuring EL34 output tubes, is set for his Heil Talk Box. An additional Matrix slave amp serves as a feedback generator, powering a Marshall 1960 B 4x12 cabinet onstage. All other amps feed Marshall 1960 B 4x12 cabinets loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and hidden in large isolation boxes off stage. These cabinets are miked with an assortment of mics, including Shure SM57s, SM58s, a Sennheiser 421, and a Stager SR-2N ribbon mic.

Special thanks to Slash's tech Adam Day and Duff's tech Mike “Mcbob” Mayhue who have both been with the band since Appetite for Destruction.

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