A studio visit with the new gear-heavy improv/art-rock supergroup that includes Henry Kaiser, Andy West, and Anthony Pirog.

Andy West’s main bass is a 6-string custom made by Modulus Graphite founder Geoff Gould in San Francisco. It has a 5-string neck, for tighter spacing, which make it easier to cross between strings with a pick while playing fast lines. The neck is graphite, naturally, and it’s got EMG active humbucking pickups, which he’s been using since he was an early adopter of Steinberger basses, in 1979. The bridge humbucker has coil-splitting. He notes that while his bass has “infinite sounds, you end up using two or three sounds that you want.” His strings are medium gauge La Bella super-polished, so they have some flatwound characteristics. Green leather chair not included.

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