Watch the pioneering British heavy metal band share the stories and secrets behind the gear that’s banged heads for 50 years and sold over 50 million records.

Ian Hill retired his vintage Jazz bass decades ago and now exclusively rocks his signature Spector models. He brings along four of them and strings them up with DR Black Beauties strings. Two of the quartet use the BKB 50 set (.050–.070–.090–.110) and are tuned down a half step. The other two use the lowest four strings of a Silver Star 5-string set (.065–.085–.105–.125).

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It’s ok for a guitar to not sound like a guitar.

As much as we all love juicy, organic guitar tones, it can be just as inspiring to go the opposite way. Combining various modulation effects, envelope filters, oscillators, and more can result in sounds that owe more to Kraftwerk than Led Zeppelin.

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ESP Guitars announces 43 new LTD and LTD Deluxe guitar models to kick off the new year.

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