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Rig Rundown: Nick Perri

The retro rocker opens up about retrofitting reissues, returning to the JTM45s, and finding the piece of gear that changed his life.

Perri made an influential friend during the early days of Silvertide who guided him through the vintage-guitar world and helped him land on his go-to amp rig for some time: a ’71 Marshall Super Lead and a ’71 Marshall Major. And while he’s deviated from the gold-and-black formula (including using a 12W Fender Pro Junior modded with a 10" Celestion Greenback speaker often on Sun Via), Cream’s “Sleepy Time Time” floored him so much that he settled on (currently) being a Gibson-into-a-Marshall player. 

 For Sun Via livestreams and drive-in shows with the Struts, Perri’s been plugging into these two non-master-volume tolex twins—first reissue 1989 Marshall JTM45 2245 (top) and a 2000s 2245THW handwired reissue (bottom). (Not pictured: To make sure the tubes are always cooking no matter the venue, he uses a Dr. Z Brake-Lite for attenuation purposes.) 

Special thanks to Derek Brad for additional video footage.

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