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Rig Rundown: Sharkmuffin

Learn how the band covers everything from noisy, sonic assaults to dreamy, pysch-tinged surf-rock melodies with minimal gear and an overflow of punk-rock ’tude.

Most of the band’s recorded material has been created thanks to Thiessen's beloved (and battered) 2009 Fender Jaguar Special HH. As she put it, “The Jaguar has been through a lot of shit,” and it’s become a headache on the road with tuning issues and having to shim the pickups, so she’s currently touring with this MIM Fender Standard Telecaster that she bought in college. The only thing she’s done to the blonde Tele was she repainted it with silver fingernail polish. She uses Augustine Spectra Light Electric strings (.011–.048) and blue Fender 1 mm picks.

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