The power-trio super group fulfills the promise, brings back rock armed with signature instruments from Fender and Yamaha.

Although Sheehan has a modest pedalboard, he rarely touches it during a Winery Dogs set. At first glance, there might be some redundancy with his stomps, but they all serve a distinct purpose. His main effect is the EBS Billy Sheehan signature drive pedal which houses an identical pedal in its effects loop. From there, the signal goes into a Keeley Compressor Pro before hitting an ISP Decimator that keeps any extra noise down. (Another Compressor Pro handles the second pickup from Sheehan’s bass.) Next up is the Rolls SX21 Tiny Two-Way Crossover that rolls out low frequencies and gives his sound more clarity and punch. An Electro-Harmonix Micro POG and EBS OctaBass are on the board, but Sheehan “hasn’t had enough time” to turn them on during the Dogs’ set. Rounding out the board is a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus and a Line 6 G50 wireless system.