The guitarist/producer reveals how an EHX Pitch Fork downsized his touring guitar boat, and admits the difficulties of cherry-picking stomps for the band's spiraling, atmospheric odysseys.

Chris Teti RR-3

Before cutting down on traveling costs and trying to tour light, Teti’s Reverend Descent baritone was a tool for the stage and studio. While tracking the band’s forthcoming album it’s been worked out quite a bit, but the implementation of the EHX Pitch Fork has alleviated its need to hit the road. Earlier in the band’s history he was using a 30" Jazzmaster baritone, but felt the jump to a standard Gibson or Fender scale length was too much. The Descent comes in with a manageable 26.5" scale length. This behemoth takes Ernie Ball Baritone Slinkys (.013–.072).

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