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Gibson Introduces the LPX, Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard, and Duane Allman Les Paul

Gibson unveiled three new models, the LPX, Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard, and a Duane Allman Les Paul.

Nashville, TN (July 23, 2013) -- Gibson USA just announced the release of three new models. Here are the details from their website:

Gibson LPX

Effects, pedals, AC adapters, batteries, direct boxes, amps, tuners, patch cords—they're a major hassle, but a necessary part of your sound. Or are they?

More than six decades into the evolution of the solidbody electric guitar, the LPX—new from Gibson USA—unlocks your full potential as an artist by removing the boundaries between you and your instrument.

With the supremely playable and beautifully crafted LPX, your sound lives in your guitar. Plug into an amp, a front of house mixer, or an audio interface: your sound goes there with you. 55 expertly designed presets, using the LPX's dazzling array of world-class, built-in processors, take your tone from searing leads, to tender ballads, to the sound of various iconic guitars, to rocking rhythms, to much more—quickly and easily.

But don't stop there: Create your own signature sounds that shape the LPX to your musical desires. What's more, footswitch and expression pedal controllers communicate wirelessly with the LPX to minimize stage clutter, while robot tuning keeps your guitar perfectly in tune. And that's just for starters.

There are plenty of guitars for the timid. For the bold, there's LPX.

MSRP $4,999

Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard

From the smash early success of 1975’s Dreamboat Annie to contemporary hits launched by her much-applauded return to the band in more recent years, Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson has been the cornerstone of many of rock’s most enduring songs, and the architect of a myriad timeless riffs. She has long been a fan of one of Gibson’s more powerful “modern alternatives” too—and to recognize the union of artist and instrument, Gibson USA introduces the Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard, an elegant variation on a contemporary classic.

The Nighthawk has been a favorite of a wide range of players since its introduction in 1993, thanks to its seamless blend of traditional Gibson quality with several clever modern design features. The Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard takes the format a major leap forward with a highly figured Grade-AAA maple top dressed in a high-gloss nitrocellulose Fireburst finish with Cherry back and neck, and a commemorative “Fanatic” truss-rod cover. It retains all the distinctive ingredients that made the Nighthawk stand out initially, including the 25 ½” scale length for firm lows and chiming highs, the comfortable body contours, through-body stringing and unique Nighthawk bridge, and the superb versatility of the pairing of Nighthawk Mini-humbucker and Nighthawk Lead humbucker, with five-way switching for a range of humbucking and single-coil combinations. Check out the Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard today at your authorized Gibson USA dealer, and experience this stylishly contemporary tone machine for yourself.

MSRP $2,498

Duane Allman 1959 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul

During his short life and brief career, Duane Allman created a legacy that continues to inspire generations of musicians. His touch, tone, and unbridled musicianship set benchmarks that remain as vital today as they were four decades ago, and his Gibson-fueled sound has been much idolized as a result. The trick is, Duane bought, borrowed, and traded so many guitars in his working life—limited though it was—that it has previously been difficult to know exactly which guitar contributed to which recording. Now, for the first time, through painstaking and unprecedented research, famed guitarist, Country Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee, and Gibson historian Lee Roy Parnell has woven together the threads of a scattered and enigmatic story to finally conclude that the Cherry Sunburst 1959 Les Paul was Duane’s most recorded guitar, and an undeniable gem amid his bountiful legacy.

Through equally uncompromising attention to detail, from intimate and unlimited study of the original, Gibson Custom brings you the Duane Allman Cherry Sunburst ’59 Les Paul, a precise recreation of Duane’s most recorded guitar, complete with a previously untold history to back it up.

During extensive interviews with Rock and Roll historians, previous owners of the original guitar and friends of Duane and the Allman Brothers Band, Lee Roy unveiled the guitar’s little-known history as a key part of the artist’s short-lived yet influential career. “We believed that this particular guitar was the one that Duane had used most often to record and perform live. However, because Duane’s life and career were so short, much of his fame was coming just as he passed away,” said Lee Roy, following whirlwind tours of Georgia, Ohio, and Tennessee. “There are a lot of pictures of Duane over a short period of time, which made it difficult to determine which guitar he was playing on any given recording.”

In a strictly limited run of no more than 150 hand-aged guitars plus another 150 treated to Gibson Custom’s proprietary VOS finishing process, the Duane Allman Cherry Sunburst 1959 Les Paul captures the precise look, feel and tone of a guitar known to be at the pinnacle of what is already a rare breed. The effort of recreating this legend has been undertaken with the highest standards of materials and craftsmanship, and each of the resulting guitars includes a very special package of commemorative items—among them, a Duane Allman Cherry Sunburst 1959 Les Paul documentary video hosted by Lee Roy Parnell, a custom dust cover, and more—to make ownership a lifelong and memorable event for the few who will have the pleasure of calling the Duane Allman Cherry Sunburst ’59 Les Paul their own. Reserve one today at your authorized Gibson Custom dealer.

MSRP $10,821-$15,527

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