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Gibson Unveils the Les Paul Player Plus Series

Gibson Unveils the Les Paul Player Plus Series

The new line features a variety of pickup options, Richlite fretboards, and cryogenetically treated frets.

Nashville, TN (September 28, 2018) -- The Les Paul Player Plus range has been designed specifically for the avid player who is looking for an instrument that will over deliver on practicality. Stylish, classic Les Paul looks are coupled with a satin finish and rounded neck profile for unparalleled comfort and playability. A Richlite fingerboard and cryogenetically treated frets provides the Les Paul Player Plus range with incredibly precise tones while keeping your instrument's perfect playability at all times.

P-90 Pickups - This is simply the king of the single-coil pickup, leading the pack since 1946. The P-90 blends high output with warm mids and stone-etched treble.

Mini Humbuckers - With a small size, narrower magnetic field and unique design, this is the pickup to pick up when the goal is a bright, tightly focused sound with an output level similar to a '57 Classic or other historic full-sized humbucker.

BurstBucker Pro Pickups - The unmatched windings of the Burstbucker with a new generation magnet, the Alnico V. These little monsters are stunners that need to be properly managed to create their pure, creamy, nasty tonal range in vintage form.

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