GoGo Tuners Introduces TT-1 Tuner

The clip-on tuner features both piezo and microphone tuning methods

Chatsworth, CA (June 16, 2011) -- GoGo Tuners has released the TT-1, a clip-on tuner that features both piezo and microphone tuning methods -- so you can use the tuner effectively in different environments. The tuner's backlit LED screen has two colors, displaying red when you are out of tune and green once you are in tune. The side of the tuner also glows red when you’re off pitch, so you can easily see in a dark room.

The TT-1 features a 360-degree swivel mount, so you can easily adjust the tuner for easy reading on any instrument. The TT-1 has five settings: Chromatic, Bass, Guitar, Violin, and Viola. It also has settings for drop tuning and can be calibrated anywhere from 430-450 Hz.

The GoGo TT-1 tuner is available for $29.99.

  • Bright, easy-to-read LED screen - Green you're in and Red you're out
  • Highly Accurate & Ultra Responsive
  • 360-degree swivel for multiple positions and easy visibility
  • Left side glows red ( perfect for night club gigs) lets user know the correct position of tuner
  • 5 settings Chromatic/Guitar/Bass/Violin/Viola
  • Calibrates for Alternate tunings
  • Microphone or Piezo (vibration) tuning method
  • Auto Power off extends battery life

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