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Hamstead Soundworks Unveils the Odyssey Drive Pedal

The pedal features three clipping circuits, guitar and amp tone shaping, and 20 dB of clean treble and bass boost.

United Kingdom (March 5, 2018) -- The 2018 launch of the Odyssey drive pedal is indeed a new chapter for Hamstead Soundworks as a manufacturer of extremely high quality, stand-alone effect pedals.

Having already earned a position in the music industry as one of the world’s finest hand-built, British guitar amplifier manufacturers, the Odyssey drive pedal reflects Peter Hamstead's clean-sheet approach to his exceptional amplifier designs and his obsessive attention to detail within quality construction, performance and sound.

With no less than three clipping circuits, on-board guitar and amp tone-shaping, a huge 20 dB of clean treble and bass boost, and sounds covering transparent overdrive through to saturated fuzz, the sonic versatility of the 100% analog enormous.

Odyssey is divided into interactive Drive (Tone and Gain controls) and EQ circuits (Bass, Treble and Level controls), while a trio of 3-way mini toggle switches offers incredible versatility and level control within input sensitivity, selectable distortion and EQ.


Toggles the active EQ circuit before (PR) or after (PO) the ‘Drive’ circuit, whilst (EQ) selects bypass mode offering a huge 20dB of clean tone shaping EQ boost.

Switch: X1 X2 X5. INPUT GAIN.

Three input levels (X1, X2, X5), offer complete control of the guitar’s input. With up to five times input boost, Odyssey can enhance or tame all popular pickups from low output single coils to angry humbuckers.

Switch: C1 C2 C3. DRIVE CIRCUIT.

The C1 C2 C3 switch offers complete control over symmetrical, asymmetrical and multiple clipping circuits with totally transparent drive tones. Odyssey effortlessly delivers low gain, crunch, splatty fuzz, classic blues and heavy rock, all with an incredible dynamic range, defined pick attack and ultra touch-sensitive response.

As a stand-alone drive pedal effortlessly delivering clean country twang, medium gain, crunch, overdrive, rock overdrive metal/doom distortion and fuzz, and with a potential 32dB boost from the master Level control, Odyssey is pushing all the boundaries as a stand-alone drive pedal. Odyssey also breaks new ground as the first effects pedal to use the GigRig’s OptoKick optical footswitch for silent and reliable switching.

Hamstead Soundworks. Odyssey Drive Pedal: RRP £219 Inc. Vat. / £182.50 (GBP) USA

Watch the company's video demo:

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Hamstead Soundworks

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