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Highwood Announces Contoured Vintage Saddles

Highwood Announces Contoured Vintage Saddles

The saddles come in three different sizes and two finishes.

Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands (August 16, 2017) -- Highwood Guitar Parts have released their new innovative stamped S-type Saddles. Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles are bent backwards at the position of the saddle height screws, providing an extra threaded hole for these screws to go through.

HG Contoured Vintage Saddles have more mass giving longer sustain, clearer note separation and definition, improved harmonic response and touch sensitivity. The saddles are made from exceptional quality original steel and are Nickel Coated direct onto the steel body, providing pure vintage tone. These smooth feeling saddles still retain a lovely vintage look.

Available in widths 0.441”, 0.425” and 0.413” these saddles come in gloss or reliced finishes. All saddles are made with center-positioned stainless steel inch intonation screws, stainless saddle height adjustment screws and stainless steel springs.

Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles are $57 for a gloss set and $65 for a reliced set.

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