Iceberg Amplifiers Presents the Steel Chicken

A dual-channel, EL84-powered combo that can move from six watts down to .2 watts.

London, UK (July 12, 2017) -- Steel Chicken (a.k.a. Iceberg 5184) is a tube combo amplifier for guitar, designed for a player who wants to keep full control of their tone. It is small enough to carry with hand luggage on a plane, equally at home on stage, in a studio or hotel room, and loud enough to be used in rehearsals with drums.

Its sophisticated tone shaping capabilities are rarely found together in a single package of any size. It has two channels with comprehensive filtering and switching, line out, FX loop and external speaker connectivity.

Amplifier designer Dusan Mihajlovic (a.k.a. Doktor Spira) says: “In the late seventies and early eighties I shared a commercial recording studio in Belgrade. Like everyone else, we had a problem when recording electric guitars, you know, to get the good sound you need it full on, and then people two blocks away complain… So, I designed and built a small tube guitar amplifier with all the bells and whistles I had on the big ones. It ended up being yellow and I called it the Iron Chicken. Anybody who recorded guitars in our studio wanted one so I ended up selling about eighty of them. I hear some of them are still in use.

Several years after I relocated to London, England I was building a new studio for myself, and I realized that still there was nothing on the market that had the flexibility and the sound of the Iron Chicken. So I started thinking about an updated design and here is what I came up with – the Steel Chicken.

In the new design, I use state of the art, top of the range components. Nice clean sound, efficient tone controls, high gain channel, foot switching, line out, power amplifier with configurable dynamics…”

Iceberg 5184 Steel Chicken is handmade to order. It comes with a five-year back-to-base warranty.

For further information please contact Dusan Mihajlovic +44 787 66 55 267

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