Iron Age Guitar Accessories Announces Agate Stone Picks

The picks are available in both Jazz3 and Standard shapes.

Austin, TX (August 12, 2016) -- Iron Age Guitar Accessories are proud to announce their brand new Agate Stone Pick range, which brings a whole new meaning to the word durability.

Agate was used by the ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength, and it's clear to see why Iron Age have used the gemstone to forge their new line of plectrums.

While it's very hard to shape, the craftsman’s efforts are astounding and each plectrum has a one-of-a-kind look and sound–certain to be a solid addition to the rig of any serious guitarist.

The features of Iron Age's new Agate Stone plectrum:

  • Incredible durability – long-lasting and won't damage your strings
  • Smooth playability with warm and unique tones
  • Available in both Jazz3 and Standard shapes
  • Custom grips & bevel add-ons available
  • Laser-etched logo adds additional grip
  • Each pick comes with its own pick carrier

Iron Age craftsman Alex Rodea explains why these plectrums are so unique. 'Because of the agate's hardness it's very difficult to work with,'' he said. 'However the result is durability & tone beyond belief, which we feel is well worth the extra effort to create something that will last for decades.'

Each Agate Stone Plectrum is priced at $22. Custom grip & bevel add-ons are included in the price. Each pick comes with its own premium pick holder keychain.

For more information:
Iron Age

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