An EL84-powered combo that features digital reverb and a Warehouse speaker.

Effingham, IL (January 6, 2020) -- Adding to the company’s line of boutique hand-wired tube guitar amps, J. Chester Amplification has introduced The Brit 1x12 combo. This 15-watt amplifier is can be seen on stage at this year’s Winter Jam tour.

The Brit offers a wide variety of tones. Offering a Warehouse speaker with a larger voice coil brings the power section of the EL84s punchy breakup to life. Including a full tone sweep ties in an amplifier that will sound great for single coils and humbuckers.

The amp includes built-in digital reverb with mix and dwell controls, well suited for multiple styles of music, ranging from vintage rock all the way to worship ambient sounds. At 15 watts it has the perfect balance of headroom and natural distortion, making it ideal for gigging and recording.


  • All controls go to 11
  • Tube Driven - 5Y3 Rectifier, 2 X EL84 Power, 12AX7 Preamp, 12AX7 Preamp
  • Warehouse 12” G12c/s ceramic speaker
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • 15-watt power output
  • Built-in digital reverb with mix and dwell controls
  • 35 pounds making it easy for gigging

The Brit retails for $1799 and MAP/street price at $1499.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
J. Chester Amplification

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