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J Design Introduces the Add-a-Baffle

An innovative adapter that allows players to switch speaker sizes in the same speaker cabinet.

Calabasas, CA (February 16, 2016) -- J Design is proud to announce the Add-a-Baffle, an innovative adapter that allows players to switch speaker sizes in the same speaker cabinet. The product line is marketed and distributed by Gear Collector, a new, innovative sales and marketing platform for specialized and limited edition products.

The Add-a-Baffle allows guitarists and bassists to swap speaker sizes utilizing a single cabinet, greatly expanding the tonal breadth of the cabinet. The system comes with the wood components, hardware and instructions for easy installation. For example, a 12” speaker is swapped with a 10” speaker easily and quickly, mounting to the cabinet’s existing baffle. Kits are available in several sizes, to convert from a 15” speaker to 12”, from 12” to 10”, and 10” to 8”. This unique and innovative concept was designed by J Design founder and owner, Jeff Earl.

“I have been building custom, boutique cabinets for years, and have built all of the cabinets for Fargen Amps. I challenged myself to come up with a way to switch between speakers in some of the cabinets that I love, and the result is Add-a-Baffle,” said Earl.

He focused on tone projection, versatility and ease of use when designing the Add-A-Baffle speaker adapter. "At first, I was very interested in finding out how other speaker sizes and voicings would react with each other when used within the same environment. I built the adapter to test many speakers in the cabinets I was designing and building. It really helped me think outside of the box, so to speak, when designing my speaker cabinet line back in 1999-2000," says Earl. "It was just then – one of those great ‘ah-ha’ moments – when I realized this adapter could be used by so many players, sound engineers, studio owners, and music stores to demo different speakers quickly. This is a great tool for every player, from beginner to professional to have on hand."

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