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J Rockett Audio Designs Releases the Juice Joint

J Rockett Audio Designs Releases the Juice Joint

It's not a power supply, but a power distributor.

Nashville, TN (April 15, 2019) -- J Rockett Audio Designs releases a new accessory called the Juice Joint Power Distributor.

“This is not a power supply” says Chris Van Tassel, co-founder of J Rockett Audio Designs. “The Juice Joint is a power distributor that allows you to dump those awkward daisy chain cables and filter your power in a clean simple platform.”

The Juice Joint is simple in design but has highly effective features such as:

  • Plug up to seven pedals into The Juice Joint’s filtered power outputs
  • Can link multiple Juice Joint power supplies together for larger pedal boards
  • Cleans up the daisy chain mess eliminating the antenna effect
  • Each output is filtered to help clean up unwanted noises from power supplies
  • Handles 9V negative tip power supplies
  • When bundled it comes with 8’’, 12’’ or 20’’ cables

The Juice Joint is available now for $79 with an additional $10 for cable bundle. Available for online purchase and via select dealers.

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