The signature model is loaded with passive EMG MF humbuckers, a mahogany set-neck with scarf joint, and an ebony fretboard.

Scottsdale, AZ (February 4, 2021) -- Jackson continues its longstanding relationship with guitarist Marty Friedman by honoring the virtuoso with the all-new Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1.

One of the most influential and respected players in the world, Marty Friedman’s impactful and game-changing contributions to heavy metal and guitar in general continue to inspire generations of musicians and music fans to this day. He defined modern guitar playing with Jason Becker in Cacophony, was a key element in the wildly successful rise of thrash pioneers Megadeth, and with his “Marty-esque” improvisations and exotic fusion of Eastern and Western music, has achieved global success as a solo artist.

Metal magnificent, the all-new Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 features a mahogany body with a cracked Purple Mirror top finish, complete with 3-ply white/abalone/white body binding, all-black hardware and reverse Jackson 3x3 (3 over, 3 under) AT-1 black headstock.

“It’s just a gorgeous guitar,” said Friedman. “The people at Jackson came up with a way to develop this – it’s actually really a custom type of job but they managed to do it in such a way to put it out to the public at a reasonable price point.

“I used this model in the photo session for my Tokyo Jukebox 3 album, and you really can’t take a bad picture with this guitar. Depending on how the light hits it, it really changes its personality and image a lot.”

The 24.75”-scale signature model is loaded with premium features to match the demanding needs of an elite and intricate player like Friedman, including a graphite-reinforced mahogany set-neck with scarf joint and bound 12” radius ebony fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets and pearloid block inlays. Passive EMG MF signature humbucking pickups deliver a sound that sings and screams, with a three-way toggle switch, two tone and two volume controls to wrangle all of the subtle nuances out of the guitar.

The sig instrument is complete with a Jackson TOM-style adjustable bridge with anchored tailpiece for improved intonation and enhanced sustain.

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