Each coil is wound for position-specific placement, allowing for coil splitting with no appreciable volume loss.


Soulsbyville, CA (July 1, 2019) -- Janktone Custom Bass & Guitar Pickups, today launched the Jankenstein Humbucker pickup. The Jankenstein represents the first real and defining change to the humbucker pickup since 1955, and is now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Janktone pickups deploy variable stacking height bobbins and are designed to enhance each guitar individual player’s style and tone. The performance of each pickup is characterized by:

  • Tailored Tone: Each coil is wound for position specific placement in your guitar, allowing for coil splitting (with no appreciable volume loss) and other wiring choices.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Clean or over driven, every note played through a Janktone is highlighted and distinct, even while playing multiple note chords. Overtones, sustain and harmonics are all enhanced creating unmistakable note separation.

“The Humbucker pickup is getting its first real and defining change in over 62 years,” said Mr. Michael. “We are excited that Janktone has been granted patent pending status, and believe our pickups will reset the benchmark for humbucker pickups moving forward.”

Jankenstein Humbucker configurations will be available in 6 & 7 string for the guitar, and 4-string for the bass. Suggested retail price for the 6-string guitar and 4-string bass is $225.00 with a Summer NAMM introductory price set at $180.00. Suggested retail price for the 7-string guitar is $250 with a Summer NAMM introductory price set at $200 (introductory pricing until 9/30/19).

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