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JBE Pickups Unveils the Black Beauty Soapbar P-90

JBE Pickups Unveils the Black Beauty Soapbar P-90

A more traditional-style pickup that offers noise-free performance.

Manassas, VA (March 4, 2020) -- The new Black Beauty Soapbar P90 is a cosmetic alternative for guitarists who prefer the more traditional styling of a covered Soapbar pickup vs. JBE’s standard uncovered models that are popular among many soapbar enthusiasts.

Regardless of which design you may choose, the Black Beauty P-90 has the same JBE sonic and performance attributes of the uncovered designs. The neck pickup is wonderfully warm, clear and present...never dull or lifeless while the bridge pickup has all the attitude and tone expected of a bridge P-90. With both switched "on" you get a wonderfully hollow/woody sound that seems to belie the tonal character of each pickup separately.

Not designed to be simply another vintage recreation. JBE Soapbars not only offer authentic soapbar tone but also the presence, musicality and noise-free performance that are characteristic of all JBE pickups.

Both JBE Soapbar models are designed to fit body routes of any guitar that conforms to the Gibson soapbar specification.

Black Beauty P-90 neck and bridge models are available individually for $169.95 each or in a value-priced set for $299.95.

Model: BlkBty90

Availability: Immediate

Color: Black only

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