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JHS Pedals and Ryan Adams Collaborate to Create the VCR

The pedal is inspired by the tones of the Cure, the Smiths, and a hefty dose of 1980s angst.

Kansas City, MO (April 28, 2017) -- The VCR pedal is a first in a new collaboration between PaxAM, Ryan Adams, and JHS Pedals. The VCR (Volume / Chorus / Reverb) pedal is Ryan's signature pedal inspired by the tones of the Cure, the Smiths and a hefty dose of 1980s angst. Dial in the perfect movement, ambience and volume/boost level to create an instant three effect analog preset.

There is one true bypass stompswitch that functions as a master on/off and each of the three effects are turned on/off with their respective toggle. There is a corresponding LED for each effect that indicates whether the effect is on/off. All three effects can be used together or individually. The Volume/Boost is an all discreet transparent boost that can be used as an always-on enhancer, lead booster, or pushing an amp into natural overdrive. The Chorus is based around classic 1980s analog chorus pedals. With Chorus knob at 12-noon, this emulates a common 80s chorus pedal with ALL knobs at noon. As you turn the Chorus knob to the right... the rate will increase and depth will decrease. As you turn the Chorus knob to the left, rate decreases and depth increases. The Reverb is a hall reverb tweaked to Ryan's exact preferences. The reverb and decay is fixed and the knob functions as an effect Level.

This pedal measures 3.68” x 4.67” x x 1.547” and operates on standard DC Negative 9V.

The VCR by JHS Pedals will retail at $269.

Watch the company's video demo:

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