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Karma Guitar Amps Unveils the 20T Amp Kit

Karma Guitar Amps Unveils the 20T Amp Kit

The dual-channel amp is available as a kit or pre-built head.

Healdsburg, CA (July 13, 2018) -- Designed for the studio but ready for the road, the Karma 20T is a pure, handwired tube amp kit that is not a clone. Four years in development, Karma 20T started life when a top session musician called his Gibson GA-20T from the late ‘50s “the best rock and roll amp ever.” The producer on that session agreed and set to work refining the circuit that enabled that sound.

Karma 20T features:

  • Designed by a Grammy-nominated, award winning producer/engineer/guitar player
  • 12-25 watts of cathode-biased 6V6GT or 6L6GC power - no biasing needed with tube change
  • Channel 1 – Cascaded triodes – lots of grit here – like a quieter, growling 2204
  • Channel 2 – 5879 pentode - smooth, clear, and great with pedals
  • Tube rectifier for warm, beautifully compressed tone
  • Custom made, massive transformers and choke by Heyboer
  • Phase inverter bias modulation Tremolo – deep and juicy
  • Highest quality parts, sourced in the USA where possible
  • Heavy gauge, custom made, powder coated aluminum chassis
  • Combination turret board and point-to-point construction
  • Tube complement: 12AY7, 12AX7 (x2), 5879, 5Y3 or 5AR4, 6V6GT (x2) or 6L6GC (x2)
  • Simple but effective single-knob Tone control with channel-independent circuitry
  • Inrush current limiter startup and enhanced Standby circuit
  • Also available as a build to order head with optional custom speaker cab

Prices: $975 head kit, $1979 prebuilt head/cab, $527 speaker cab unloaded

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